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We welcome you to click on the following link for the YU Kollel programs:  www.torontotorah.com


Programs & Services at SVS



Lecture Series for Singles- Features exciting local speakers who discuss various educational topics, followed by a mix and mingle opportunity.


Shadchanim– Personalized matching service by our dedicated in-house shadchanim. In addition we have loyal volunteer matchmakers, who are committed to setting up and counselling our singles.


www.svsconnects.com – Our successful online matching site where our dedicated matchmakers search for appropriate suggestions for registered frum singles from amongst 20,000 potential singles. This is a very discreet process in which the singles do not communicate with each other until the shadchan makes the match suggestion and presents it to them. The shadchan helps move the process forward, by offering guidance and support.


‘Shidduch Shaini’ - is geared towards people who have been previously married.

Services include educational programing and workshops, as well as matchmaking.


Shul Rep Meetings – We facilitate local shidduch meetings where community members from different shuls can present profiles of singles that they know.


New Initiative: “Meet the Shadchan” – We brought in prominent shadchanim from other cities to meet our singles and we continue to liaise with them.


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